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Celebrating Good Tastes and All That Jazz!
Hidden Harvest Presents an Evening of Celebrating Good Tastes and All That Jazz

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Hidden Harvest is grateful to the following organizations/businesses for their kind sponsorship of Celebrating Good Tastes & All That JAZZ! 2019.

Active Community Nursing

Chemical Bank

Dow Chemical Employees' Credit Union

SC Johnson

Wildfire Credit Union

Wirt Lee Family Foundation

Michael & Marcia Wolohan

Mission Statement

Hidden Harvest strives to alleviate hunger and end food waste in the Bay, Midland and Saginaw region by providing a safe and coordinated system of rescuing surplus food and redistributing it to feed people in need.

Hidden Harvest operates upon the simple premise that good food should not go to waste when so many people are in need in our community.

Each day, Hidden Harvest rescues thousands of pounds of food from hospitals, hotels, restaurants, wholesalers, bakeries, grocery stores, and other health department or USDA approved sources. This food is immediately delivered free of charge, to soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters, and other nonprofit community programs that help many of our neighbors every day.

Commitment to Food Safety: Donated food must be prepared, served, and stored in accordance with health department guidelines. Foods that have been prepared with alcohol or that have been placed on a buffet table for self service cannot be accepted. Hidden Harvest staff and volunteers are trained in safe food handling procedures and use a refrigerated truck to pick up and deliver prepared and perishable food. Agencies that receive food must have adequate storage facilities and complete safe food handling training. State and federal Good Samaritan Laws protect good-faith donors against liability for food donated for free distribution.

How It Works: All good food can be used, however, donations of twenty pounds or more help Hidden Harvest to use funds most efficiently. Small amounts of many foods can be frozen to be picked up according to a fixed schedule or occasionally. Donors are provided with disposable, recyclable aluminum containers upon request. Soup kitchens and shelters can quickly turn unused, surplus prepared foods into meals for hundreds of people. Small amounts of leftovers can be combined into soups and casseroles. Milk, produce, bread, and packaged meats supplement nonperishable staple items and provide nutrition and variety. Hidden Harvest strengthens charitable organizations. As menu supplements are received, organizations are able to channel scarce operating dollars, used to purchase food, into other programs. Local non-profits have another way to diversify their resource base. Hidden Harvest enhances the services of existing community agencies.

Hidden Harvest's focus is on the issues of hunger and food waste in the Bay, Midland and Saginaw region by working directly with area food donors and agencies that are affected by the issues of hunger and nutrition.

Hidden Harvest provides food to agencies that serve the homeless, women and children, youth programs, afterschool-programs, senior citizens housing and social services programs. Hidden Harvest is designed to assist nonprofit, community agencies in meeting the requests for food by providing a safe and organized method of rescuing and redistributing fresh and prepared food items. We provide nutritious fresh and prepared food to soup kitchens, food pantries, shelters, after-school programs, senior sites, and other non-profit agencies serving needy residents of our community.


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