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Celebrating Good Tastes and All That Jazz!
Hidden Harvest Presents an Evening of Celebrating Good Tastes and All That Jazz

Some Things You Should Know

  • 21 million people in this country seek emergency food items.
  • 17% of people in the Bay, Midland & Saginaw County region are in poverty.
  • In the last 25 years, 75% of all soup kitchens or hunger relief agencies across America have been established between 1981 to the present.
  • 16% of the people that receive food items from HIDDEN HARVEST are seniors 65 & older.
  • Children receive 39% of the food rescued by HIDDEN HARVEST.
  • 39% of the individuals we serve have someone in the home who is employed. (The working poor)
  • Up to 1/5 of America's food goes to waste each year. It is estimated that each person in the tricounty area throws away 140 lbs. of food per year.
  • 90% of low-income households with at least one child under the age of twelve use food pantries, soup kitchens and also participate in school lunch programs.- 1996 A Citizen's Guide to Food Recovery

Behind these disturbing facts are real people. Thousands of our neighbors - families with children, the elderly, runaway youth, teen parents, victims of domestic violence, veterans, and the mentally ill face extreme poverty often accompanied by malnutrition and homelessness. Adequate nutrition provides the strength to tackle other problems and move toward self-sufficiency. Please help us put good food to good use.

More than 27 million pounds of food have been rescued and distributed throughout the Great Lakes Bay Region since 1994.


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