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The Art of Planned Giving

Is there an "art" to providing support for Hidden Harvest? We think so. The art lies in something called planned giving - a process that uses financial planning, estate planning and tax planning techniques to enable friends to make gifts of startling significance, often with dramatic tax and financial rewards for the donors.

The need for careful planning becomes clear when people confront the three basic questions involved in making any important gift:

  1. What kind of property should I give?
  2. What method of giving should I employ?
  3. How should my gift be put to use by Hidden Harvest?

Planning What to Give
People often are surprised to learn that there are different tax results for giving different types of property. Gifts of highly appreciated securities, for example, may be particularly favorable. If the securities have been owned more than one year, then donors can deduct not just there original cost, but also any "paper profit" present in the gift. Best of all, there are no capital gains taxes due when you give securities. Real estate, mutual funds and other types of property may also be excellent subjects for gifts.

Planning How to Give
There are several excellent techniques for giving to Hidden Harvest. You might want to join our many friends who have helped us through bequests - gifts made in their wills. You may choose to make a gift with lifetime income reserved for you and your family. Or you may prefer the simplicity and immediate satisfaction of an outright gift. By tailoring the form of your gift to fit your own financial situation and your individual objective, you can gain maximum tax rewards, maintain your financial security and make a truly meaningful contribution to our future.

Learn More Now

To learn more now, you can either:

  • Download and fill out this form and mail it in
  • Fill out and submit the form below

I am interested in learning more about how my planned gift can make a truly meaningful contribution to the future of HIDDEN HARVEST

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Thank You for your continued support of our mission to end food waste and help alleviate hunger in our region.

Planning the Purpose of Your Gift
Your support for Hidden Harvest should be carefully planned to assure you the utmost in personal satisfaction - as well as the best tax and financial rewards. Your gift can be established as a continuing testament to the ideals of your own life, or the life of a special friend or family member. We invite you to explore with us the many sides of your own planned giving and the meaning your personal philanthropy can have for both you and Hidden Harvest.

The future of Hidden Harvest depends in great part on the encouragement and support we receive from our friends. We solicit your help and ask you to take this very positive step: make Hidden Harvest a beneficiary of your will.

A bequest or other planned gift will be a source of continuing pride to you as the years pass. You can accomplish much that is good for our plans and programs, often at small cost to your other beneficiaries. And please - take a moment to tell us that you intend to make a bequest to Hidden Harvest or that you have, in fact, already included us in your estate plans. Knowing of your intentions permits us to better formulate our own plans, let us offer suggestions about bequests, and gives us the opportunity to express our profound gratitude to you now, for your thoughtfulness.


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