Giving Food

Hidden Harvest accepts food donations from individuals, food producers, restaurants, grocery stores, and anything in between. All good food can be used, however, donations of twenty pounds or more help Hidden Harvest to use funds most efficiently.

Anybody can help us solve hunger by sharing extra produce from your fruit trees or garden, excess food from your cupboards, etc.  Another way to help is by hosting a canned food drive.  For more information on planning your own food drive, click here.

Hidden Harvest has the capacity to pick up large donations from food producers. We make donating quick and easy.  For more information, click here.

Restaurant / Caterer

Friends in the food business who would like to prevent food waste, please contact Hidden Harvest to be our partners in putting good food to good use. For more information on the laws protecting food donations, click here.

Grocery Store

Contact us for daily, weekly or monthly pick-ups. Hidden Harvest is also available on an as needed basis, please provide us with as much notice as possible.  Call (989)753-4749 to set up a pick-up.